Pass S.B.55 for Verifiable Voting in Connecticut!

Your support for Senate Bill 55, which requires a voter-verified paper trail so that meaningful audits and recounts are possible, has resulted in its unanimous passage in the Senate!

Now S.B.55 must make it through the House and to the Governor's desk for signature, and your help is needed to safeguard
Connecticut's elections. Little time remains in this legislative session, so time is of the essence. Passage of this bill will prevent the purchase of unverifiable paperless e-voting machines in the State. urges you to take this opportunity to ensure transparent, reliable and publicly verifiable elections in Connecticut.

Please click on the link below to tell your Representative -- and the Secretary of State, and the Governor -- how important this is for Connecticut. Please urge your Representative in the strongest possible terms to pass S.B.55 today!


Thank you!


Rich Sivel

(860) 231-7428